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Soggy sheets and pajamas—and an embarrassed child—are a familiar experience for many parents. Bed-wetting is also known as nighttime incontinence or nocturnal enuresis. Before this age, nighttime bladder control simply may not be established. By age 5, bed-wetting remains a problem for about 15 percent of children. Between 8 and 11 years of age, fewer than 5 percent of youngsters are still wetting the bed. Most children outgrow bed-wetting on their own—but some need a little help. In other cases, bed-wetting may indicate an underlying condition that needs medical attention. No one knows for sure what causes bed-wetting, but various factors may play a role.

Desmopressin as a Therapy for Bedwetting in Children With Sickle Cell Disease

I used to consider my bedwetting the most shameful secret I had to carry. There were definitely giveaways. For one, I was a young guy living in a share house and washing my bed linens twice a week…. Years later, anybody who knows me well is aware that I still wet the bed. Keeping my incontinence a secret is a ship that sailed a long time ago. For a long time, I thought it was normal and that most people had occasional bedwetting problems.

Although many think of bed-wetting as a childhood problem, about 26 and , online sites that.

Millions of kids and teenagers from every part of the world wet the bed every single night. But you are not alone. The fancy name for bedwetting, or sleep wetting, is nocturnal nighttime enuresis say: en-yoo- ree -sus. Enuresis runs in families. The most important thing to remember is that no one wets the bed on purpose. Sometimes a kid who wets the bed will have a realistic dream that he or she is in the bathroom peeing — only to wake up later and discover he or she is all wet.

Many kids who wet the bed are very deep sleepers. Could you sleep through a marching band parading outside your bedroom door? Or a pack of dogs howling at the moon? Trying to wake up someone who wets the bed is often like trying to wake a log — the person just stays asleep. Some kids who wet the bed do it every single night.


Two types of bed wetting are described although there is often overlap between the two types. Monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis MNE refers to bed wetting that occurs in children who have no other bladder problems and who do not wet themselves during the day. Non-monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis NMNE refers to children who wet the bed at night and have additional daytime symptoms.

In a small percentage of people, however, bed wetting persists into adulthood where its consequences are even greater. This disorder has psychological, social and financial implications for you, your child and your family. By identifying and treating bed wetting at an early age, it is hoped that its impact can be minimised.

Just a few situations that primary nocturnal enuresis has put me through. Then there is the ultimate destroyer. Someone finds out I wet my bed. It’s interesting how.

Bedwetting, also called nocturnal enuresis, means that a child accidentally passes urine at night during sleep. Because this is normal in infants and very young children, bedwetting is not considered a medical problem unless it happens in a child who is already in elementary school or who was completely dry day and night and then began to wet the bed again during the night. To help make diagnosis and treatment easier, doctors sometimes classify bedwetting into two types, primary and secondary nocturnal enuresis.

In primary nocturnal enuresis, the child has never been consistently dry at night. In secondary nocturnal enuresis, the child has been dry at night for at least three to six months or one year, according to some experts and has begun to wet the bed again. It is very important to remember that in both types, the child is not wetting the bed on purpose. This is the most common type of nocturnal enuresis, pediatricians think is caused by several developmental, genetic and hormonal factors acting together.

Although the specific combination of factors varies from child to child, the result is the same — bedwetting. In a small number of cases, primary nocturnal enuresis arises from a purely medical problem, such as a physical defect in the child’s urinary tract, a neurological problem related to the spinal nerves or brain, or a urinary tract infection. Secondary Nocturnal Enuresis When a child starts to wet the bed again after being dry for months or sometimes even years, there is often an identifiable cause.

One of the most common is stress, when a sudden change rocks a child’s world. Almost any change in the environment — good or bad — can be a trigger; for example, a new baby, a death in the family, parents’ divorce or marriage problems, a new home or school, or even a long visit from relatives. Secondary bedwetting may be related to sexual abuse or to extreme bullying. Rarely, this form of bedwetting is related to a medical problem, such as a urinary tract infection or diabetes, and in these cases there are usually other obvious symptoms of medical illness.

Living with Primary Nocturnal Enuresis

What causes bedwetting? There is no one cause of bedwetting and therefore no one cure. There is some evidence that there is a genetic predisposition toward bedwetting, meaning that if one or both parents wet the bed, then their child is more likely to have bedwetting. The most common factors that are involved in bedwetting are increased urine output at night usually from increased fluid intake before bed but occasionally from a decreased ability of the kidneys to concentrate urine , failure to wake up completely when it is time to void, and less commonly a small bladder capacity.

Impact of bedwetting on children and young people and their families . 5 latest date available: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR), Database of Landgraf () 35 conducted a survey in 5 sites across the USA.

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Bed-wetting — also called nighttime incontinence or nocturnal enuresis — is involuntary urination while asleep after the age at which staying dry at night can be reasonably expected. Soggy sheets and pajamas — and an embarrassed child — are a familiar scene in many homes. But don’t despair. Bed-wetting isn’t a sign of toilet training gone bad. It’s often just a normal part of a child’s development. Generally, bed-wetting before age 7 isn’t a concern.

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Bedwetting at ages 6 – 7 years becomes problematic because the child is in Therefore the information on this website or on the linked websites should not be​.

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Bed wetting (nocturnal enuresis)

Bed wetting or nocturnal enuresis is defined as intermittent episodes of wetting the bed while asleep in children who are over 5 years of age. Two types of bed wetting are described, although there is often overlap between the two types. Non-monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis NMNE refers to children who wet the bed at night and have additional daytime symptoms.

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Wetting the bed can be an embarrassing issue among kids, but it’s actually very common. The National Institutes of Health states that nocturnal enuresis or nighttime incontinence the medical terms for bedwetting is involuntary urination after age 5 or 6, and that more than 5 million children experience it. According to the Mayo Clinic, 15 percent of children still wet the bed by age 5, but less than 5 percent of kids do so by ages 8 to Bedwetting tends to run in families and is more common among boys than girls; experts estimate the ratio as roughly 2 boys to 1 girl.

Although most children eventually outgrow this phase, here are eight steps you can take to help your child keep dry through the night. Getting angry with your little one and punishing him for wetting the bed will only add pressure to stay dry and will make the problem worse. Goldstein, M.

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